Flooding and Evacuation Assistance

Road Closures & Conditions: http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/layers/ (Camera Views: http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/cctv/transtar)

* To find if your path is clear: http://static.drivetexas.org/#11/29.7364/-95.3455

Harris Country Flooding Map (interactive): https://www.harriscountyfws.org/ 

Watershed flood gauge: https://www.harriscountyfws.org/GageDetail

Harris Country Watershed Information: https://www.hcfcd.org

U.S. Coast Guard: The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting urban search and rescue in the city of Houston. If you are in need of rescue, call the U.S. Coast Guard Houston Command Center:

  • 281-464-4851 or 281-464-4852 or 281-464-4853 or 281-464-4854 or 282-464-4855
  • Additional Coast Guard #Harvey emergency response number: 202-372-2100. Please call and provide name, # trapped,# pets, address, phone number.

Other County Emergency Operation Centers:

  • Brazoria:  979-864-1064
  • Montgomery: 936-523-3900
  • Harris: 713-881-3100
  • Galveston: 281-309-5002
Stay calm, do not panic. Get to high ground immediately.
Do not go into the attic, rescuers from the air cannot see you.
Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels, to be noticed from the air

TO GET HELP: http://houstonharveyrescue.com/ (Map of people who need help: http://houstonharveyrescue.com/rescuesindex.php)

Texas Search and Rescue: Download the Zello app — https://zello.com/app — and go to one of these channels (more info: http://blog.zello.com/2017/08/28/getting-help-in-houston-floods/)

  • Texas Search and Rescue
  • The Cajun Navy Dispatch
  • Boaterstexas
  • When submitting your request for the rescue clearly state:
  • The complete address of the rescue location, and any information which would help rescuers finding you
  • Contact phone number and your name
  • Number of people needing help and their condition
  • Zello channels are experiencing high traffic so the easiest way to get your information through is to write it down and send a picture to the channel.
  • Cajun Navy: 318-224-2984 (Text the word HELP) / https://www.facebook.com/LaCajunNavy/

More than 300 requests for urban search and rescue have been received by the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston Command Center. Currently there are five MH-65 Dolphin Helicopters conducting rescues in Houston, with four additional HH-60 Jayhawk Helicopters requested. Three Flood Punt Teams are locally poised to connect urban search and rescue.